purple bar-52.jpg

tips & tricks!


Line up holes and pegs


In most cases there is only one way to put the pieces together.  There are some exceptions such as eyes.


study the shape , size and locations of the connecting posts, they will give you a hint as to what pieces they connect to.


Some parts once snapped together may be difficult to remove.  Have your parents help you  use a small flat screwdriver to pry apart tight pieces or pop out eyes.


Try rotating parts to find the best fit


Try building in a different sequence. Sometimes the order will help the piece go together easier. Some pieces go through others to hold them in place.


Try building the major components in groups instead of adding one piece at a time.


If your still having trouble ask for your parents help or go to our 3-d exploded building guides page on our website for step by step instructions.


Ask for your parents help when you might need stronger hands to push pieces together.  We know that sometimes the pieces are hard to push together but we purposely made them tight so they would stay together allowing you to play with your character too!


Once you have completed your Puzoodle, try taking it apart and build it again?